Saturday, 9 July 2011



BBQ Pork Pastries. 

These sweet and savoury pies were very good.  Rating:  6/6


Sticky Rice in Lotus Leaf:  Something spicy in there...Maybe xo sauce.   Rating:  4/5


Har Gow:  Good skin. Held together well and stuffed with plump shrimp. Rating:  5.5/6


Chicken on Rice.  Rating:  4/6


Panfried Radish Cake.  Rating:  4.5/6


Crispy Honeyed Fried Egg Crepes. 

I love my sweets. My bad...not supposed to eat gluten but I did have a tiny piece with this dessert.  Rating:  6/6


Egg Tarts:   Cute.  But I like the flaky pastry version.  Rating:  3/6


Steamed black bean spareribs.  Excellent chunks of sparerib with fresh peppers and blackbeans.   Great flavour.  Rating:  6/6


Sweet Vinegared Pigs’s Trotters with egg and ginger.  A popular convalescing dish for new mothers.  No.  I’m not a new mother but I like the gingery vinegar!

I always love the egg.  It's mine!  There were two eggs.   The pork had the fuzzies which I had to pick off.    I don't like the 5 o’clock shadow sensation on my tongue. The vinegar broth was not too hot but sweet.   Rating:  4/6.

Fortune Restaurant is quite busy despite some poor reviews.  Whoever is eating here obviously doesn't read Urbanspoon!  I think I heard somewhere that there was a change in ownership and food has improved from the past. I dunno.  This could be heresay but Chinese chefs seem to move around quite a bit and a restaurant can be great one day and crappy the next because of the roaming chefs.   The prices are still higher than some other dim sum establishments due to its prime location in the Oakridge Centre Mall.  I would say the food is okay and the restaurant is conveniently located if you're going to be doing some shopping later on.  We didn’t order any dish that was particularly innovative or creative.  The dim sum was pretty middle-of-the-road with some hits and some misses.   Since this is our second visit, I can say that the food is pretty consistent.  Service is good too. 

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