Thursday 7 July 2011



Eggball Waffles, a popular Hong Kong street food.  Visit the Night Market in Richmond or Vancouver’s Chinatown and you’ll find these made fresh in front of you.

Or, you can make them at home with your gorgeous new Egg Waffle iron from Williams Sonoma!

My kids absolutely LOVE eggball waffles (gai daan jai).  Every time we visit the Chinatown Night Market, it’s solely for the purpose of buying these eggy cookies.  Well, they’re more of a waffle than a cookie, but when you separate the eggs they look like cookies.

I’ve been experimenting with recipes and this is by the the best recipe I’ve tried.  I sprayed my iron with nonstick spray and poured only enough batter (about 3/4 cup) to fill the middle up to the first outer row of egg holes.  If you pour too much batter into the iron, you’ll find batter squishing out all over the place; making a mess of your stove.

This waffle iron is nice and big.  The coating is nonstick and the iron itself is pretty hefty, allowing for even heat distribution. 

I found it best to put the timer on in order to determine when to flip the iron.  You’re supposed to pour in the batter, close the iron and flip  immediately.  Then I timed it for about 2 minutes, flipped it again and timed it for another 2 minutes. 

You need to play with the flame underneath.  I had it on medium heat on my gas stove.


You need to eat these eggballs right away.  Allow them to cool on a rack…and fan them so they crisp up.  Then eat them warm. 

After a while, they will get kind of soggy and though they may taste okay, it isn’t really as yummy.  I'm really  loving this pan.  I will definitely make more for the kiddies.  The batter makes a custardy waffle.  You don't require fruit or syrup.  Just eat it out of hand.

The original recipe I used is from Christine’s Recipes, right HERE.

The Nordicware egg waffle pan from Williams Sonoma link is HERE.


cocoa and coconut said...

OH MY! I want one of these waffle irons immediately! I saw and ate these in Hong Kong and boy were they delicious. Thank you so much for reminding me!

Connie the Cookie Monster said...

Ci absolutely love that stuff! i get it everytime i go to the night market!


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