Saturday 25 June 2011



Egg tarts:  rating:  5/6
I’ll let you in on a little secret for cheap eats in Vancouver.

If you see Lo Wah Kiu (1st generation Chinese-Canadian seniors typically) lining up outside a Chinese restaurant you know that the food will be pretty cheap and it’ll be pretty good.  Often another distinguishing feature of the restaurant is the lack of crystal chandeliers and warm complimentary towels.  Service may be efficient but not particularly warm (especially if you dawdle over your food)…but you’re used to this if you’ve grown up with 1st gen parents or grandparents anyway. 


Har Gow:  rating:  5/6

We have been to King’s Chinese Cuisine to eat before, but it was so crowded and I didn’t feel very relaxed; especially with two really slow-eating kids. 

My favourite thing to do is order takeout from this place.  Especially for dim sum.


Chicken and Veg Chow Mein:  rating:  5/6


Stomach loves a good deal.  The portions are good and the food is consistent and yummy.  If you don’t mind fighting little old Chinese ladies for a table (they seem to hover near tables that are almost finished eating so they can budge in line because Chinese are less likely to tell an elder not to budge…i.e. filial piety and respect for elders).   With any luck, wait staff will kindly ask the elder to wait in line because the table is taken already by the people in the lineup.


Salted fish and Chicken fried rice.  Rating:  6/6

Parking is along Main street.  Arrive early and you might get a table without  a long wait.  Generally dim sum joints are crazy busy at 12pm but if you arrive before 11 a.m. you should be fine. 

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cocoa and coconut said...

I cannot resist good asian gfood. And those tarts look like a perfect way to finish it all off! You don't have a recipe for those tarts do you?

Cakebrain said...

I have a quick and easy recipe for the tarts. It uses premade tart shells. If you want the flaky pastry, I have that too but I haven't posted it yet. It requires a laminated making a croissant. It's quite involved.


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