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Chasiu Miso Ramen.  Rating:    5/6


Beef Rice Noodles.  Rating:  6/6

On the mini set meals, which you receive if you arrive early (around 5-5:30 for us), you get a comp drink.  My drink of choice is always the diet Lemon Coke. 

The Cold Milk Tea is very good and perfect on a hot day.  Rating:  6/6


Singapore Rice Vermicelli.  Rating:  6/6
Copa makes Singapore Rice Vermicelli just the way I like it…with a hot kick.  Most places lack the proper proportions of noodle, meat and sprouts.  I like this version and the curry flavour is stronger than most. 

Stirfried bok choy.  Rating:  4/6
Though these looked really good, they were huge chunks that probably required a couple more minutes of cooking time as the centres were on the hard side.  I didn’t detect any or enough garlic flavour.  They were certainly crispy if that’s what you’re looking for.

Sweet and sour spareribs (served with soup and rice).  Rating:  5/6
Originally, I had wanted the Oyster and green onion dish, but they were out of oysters so I chose the Sweet and Sour spareribs.  You get a choice of soup and a big bowl of rice.  I was pleasantly surprised by the flavour but taken aback by the unnaturally vivid red spareribs.  The ribs were juicy, tender and freshly fried.  Good.

How about Breakfast for Dessert?    Kaya Stuffed deep fried French Toast.  Rating:  5/6

The early bird menus are really popular and they have specialty hot stone rice bowls too.

December 17, 2010 visit
Silky egg and prawns on rice noodles.   Rating:  5/6

Pork and black olive fried rice.  Rating:  6/6
Amazing combination of flavours! Salty black olive leaves and meaty chunks of tender pork combine with the rice and egg. Great wok fire.

Copa Cafe and Cafe Gloucester are comparable in consistency, service and menu selection. They both carry early bird specials and present you with various menus depending on the time of the day. The mini set menus are our favourite and you must go before 6pm to get them. You get a drink with your mini meal and the meals are of course smaller (that’s what “mini” means, right?)  Most prices average around $7 and you can get anything from fried rices, noodles, soups or baked spaghettis and such. Milk teas are the norm for the freebie drinks and if you would like it cold, it’s extra cost.  If you dine later, you can get those iron plate specials with a selection of meats and sauces with sides of starch including soup and a dinner bun.

Copa is unique in that it opens early in the mornings for breakfast specials, whereas Cafe Gloucester opens at 11:00 am.  We arrived at 9am one time and found it full of older folk dining on congee, Chinese donuts, macaroni soup, toast with a sunny side up egg and milk teas for breakfast.  As you can imagine, there are also mini set menus that give you ample choice of a selection of choices for a good deal.  Prices for breakfast are cheap and average around $5-7.  Don't quote me on the exact time of opening, because I just noticed they started opening early for breakfast, but I'm pretty sure that on the weekends especially, they're open at least by 9am.

Located near King Ed and Cambie, Copa Cafe is across the street from a Canada Line station.  There is a nearby bus stop and parking in the lot behind the restaurant.  Meter parking is on the street.

For my previous post on Copa Cafe, click HERE.

August 18, 2011 update:  look below for some dishes we tried.

 Taro Fried Rice.  Excellent wok hay!  6/6

Consistently hot, spicy and yummy!  Rating:  6/6

Kiddie meal (includes drink and dessert).  Deep fried chicken wings, fries and linguine in bolognaise sauce.  Rating:  5.5/6  Good value.

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