Friday 27 May 2011


Fishball, ham and ramen in fish soup broth.  6/6  ($7.25 for soup base, toppings and noodles with drink).

Steamed Blackbean Spareribs rice.  6/6

Fish noodles in satay broth with beef.  Rating:  4/6

Milk tea.  6/6

Cattle Cafe in Richmond is located in the Stomach of Richmond, which is a stretch of Alexandra Road that is peppered with a myriad of Asian restaurants.  You can’t throw a fishball far without it landing in front of one.
Cattle Cafe is one of many recently popular Hong Kong Cafes that specialize in homemade soup stocks that rely on fresh ingredients and no MSG.  The most popular broth is the milky white fish broth that should not evoke fishiness at all but is rich with flavour and depth from quality ingredients like plenty of bones, herbs and tender loving care…not instant stock granules.  The menu gives the diner tons of options. 

1.You choose your broth:  milky fish broth, spicy Laksa, tomato, herbal etc. 
2.  Then you choose your noodle type:  ramen, udon, rice noodle, Korean yam noodles, etc.
3.  Choose from a huge selections of meats and veggies:  ham, fishballs, meatballs, brisket, innards, fresh veggies, herbs, mushrooms, tofu…
4.  Optional, at extra cost are sides:  Fried chicken wings, fried fish, chicken or pork cutlets…
This is all for ONE reasonable price and it includes a drink.  The bowls are generally huge and full of good fresh ingredients.  It beats instant noodles or at home or McDonald’s anyday.

Here is a link to the MENU.

My daughters love the eggball waffles that they make here.  I have to make sure I order them last or they don’t eat anything but!  They also make bubble teas and other HK type drinks like milk tea. 

Parking is in the lot adjacent to the plaza that it is located in, and along the street with metered street parking.  Cattle Cafe opens at 11am and is promptly packed by 12pm with a pretty big lineup.  Turnover is pretty good.  Service is okay depending on how busy it is. 

The offerings are a tad different than the Deer Garden Signature Cafe menu (restaurant located upstairs), but it’s like comparing Earls and Milestones.  They’re similar in vein because I believe that at one time the people working upstairs and downstairs were the same.  The broths are very similar with just minor differences in basic ingredients, like the enoki mushrooms or beancurd skin found in one broth and not another.

Prices are very reasonable and it’s a perfect place for lunch.  There are tons of snack offerings and many mini meals and special deals.

We go here a lot because the kids love it and it’s perfect for a healthy lunch.

For my Deer Garden Signatures post, click HERE.  

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