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I really like Greek Salad.  It’s funny how I don’t like green peppers, onion and end up giving those elements to Stomach.  If I make it without the peppers and onions, it doesn’t taste right though.  This version was sufficiently seasoned and though tomatoes aren’t in season, and Vancouverites endure pinkish tomatoes most of the year, I still liked it. 


Bebe and Bib’s dish:  they liked how soft the spaghetti was and gave it a 5/6. 


The Calamari was the best!  Tender rings, with a feather-light crunchy batter.  Super spanakopita.   I simply love the variety on the plate and was happy about the flavours.   5.5/6


Prawns Uvetsi is really just Prawns baked with Feta in a tomato sauce.  It was savoury and the prawns were decently large.  Of course, I could have done with MORE of them!  There was a ton of rice to go with the wonderful feta-salty sauce.  5.5/6

The service is attentive and friendly.  The owner is Asian but he looks Greek—if you can imagine that.  It’s family-run as far as I can tell and they are all knowledgeable and seem passionate about the food and quality ingredients.  They use New Zealand lamb and the Roast Lamb is my favourite even though I didn’t order it today (because I am driven to try different things!)

You would think that with an Entertainment Book, we’d use coupons more often.  This is one of the few restaurants that we enjoy going to with our Entertainment coupon but would be okay paying full price anyway.  It’s a bit out of the way for us…located on S.E. Marine Drive.  There is a parking lot in the little plaza.  Just watch out where you park; looking for spaces that are allocated to the restaurant (right out front).  There is also street parking on S.E. Marine (yikes!) and a narrow strip along the edge of the parking lot.

Greek food is usually good value for the money.  This restaurant never disappoints me and is consistent in food and service.

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