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Agedashi Tofu at Hachibei Restaurant.  5/6


My girls are fishcake fiends.  They particularly like the white kind with the pink spiral in the middle that is flower-like in pattern that floats in udon noodle soup.  Hachibei sells a huge chunk of plain white fishcake as an appetizer.  They didn’t ooh and ahh about it but I suspect that’s because it isn’t pink. 

  The beef udon at Hachibei looks good.  I have never touched any udon noodle soup ever though I seem to post about it quite a bit.  This is because Bebe loves udon noodle soup.  Bib likes rice or dry noodles.  This version at Hachibei was good.  The beef was tender and she gave it a 5/6. 


The Teriyaki Chicken box had a good selection of sides.  6/6

The futomaki was huge…and I ordered the full order rather than the half-order.  I always try a Japanese restaurant’s negitoro roll as I consider it a good indicator of the skills of a sushi chef.  It’s my personal litmus test.  Rating:  5/6

Hachibei is a very small restaurant that is frequented by many area residents.  It is Japanese owned and run as far as I can tell…as everyone back there seems to be speaking Japanese (a good sign)!  Another good indicator:  many of the customers are Japanese-speaking.  I always peer at their tables to see what they're ordering because they're usually in the know!

The food is consistent and is more home-style with many teishoku dishes (served with rice and miso soup).  The sushi section is more vast than it was 10 years ago, but doesn’t stray into the fusion.  It’s strictly classic stuff.  You won’t find any “creative” rolls here with mango, cream cheese, drizzled sauces and seared fish.  The sushi is solid though and I was not disappointed.  This is not the place I would come to for sushi though.  I think the teishoku dishes are the forte and would suggest you focus on the cooked fish like the mackerel and black cod I spied on other guests’ tables.   I seem to always want what other diners are eating.  But oh well—live and learn.

The Menu link is HERE.

Meter parking is along the street on 16th.  Parking can be scarce depending on the time of day…but the walk is lovely, so that’s okay. 

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