Wednesday 9 March 2011



Beef on Rice Vermicelli Bowl.  5.5/6

Yum! My favourite vermicelli bowl so far is this Beef and Rice Vermicelli Bowl because it’s chock full of veggies and there are even more under the vermicelli...there’s fresh cucumber, beansprouts and lettuce at the bottom of the bowl.  You mix it all up with the yummy fish sauce/dip that they serve on the side.  The sensations hit all the right spots: sweet, savoury, crunchy-fresh and soft. Umami. MMMM.


Pork Bone Soup accompanies the following dish…  3/6

Lemongrass Chicken and Vietnamese Ham on Rice.  3/6. The girls took all the ham (they love it) and Stomach ate all the chicken.  He said he’s had better and he doesn’t appreciate that there are bones in there…he found that when they chopped the chicken, shards of bone were in the way and that bothered him. 

The most famous dish of all at Phnom Pehn is the Fried Chicken Wings.  6/6

They are crispy and topped with fresh herbs:  garlic, scallions, cilantro.  The accompanying dip ties it all together.  The dip is puckery and cuts the grease of the wings.  I think there’s a lot of fresh lime juice and white pepper in the dip.  We always order the Chicken Wings.  Almost every table in this restaurant had a plate of this.

Bebe’s favourite dish is the Spring Rolls.  6/6
This is because it’s not full of veggies (any that are noticeably green that she can detect anyway! SHHHH!) 

Phnom Pehn was hopping on a Sunday at 5pm.  It was full by 6pm and there was a lineup.  Fortunately the service is pretty efficient and the turnover is quite good.
Dishes I’ve enjoyed in the past are:
  • Vietnamese Iced Coffee    6/6
  • Curry Chicken…order Bread to sop up all the juices!    6/6
  • Beef and Papaya Salad    6/6
  • Steamed Rice Rolls      5/6
I have “Foodspotted” a few other dishes if you want to see what they look like.
  • Noodles with Seafood and Pork.  4/6 (meh.  I don’t like innards.  I didn’t realize it had liver et al.)
  • Beef Pho   4.5/6  (girls liked the beef balls. Stomach likes rare beef.  I’m not crazy about Pho)
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amlamonte said...

jealous! everything looks delicious! whenever i go to a vietnamese restaurant i always just get the pho...i need to branch out!

eatme_delicious said...

I know lots of people loooove this place but it might be the must vegetarian unfriendly place ever. :( I asked them if they could just do stir fried veggies and they said they don't have any, except pea tips. So bizarre.

Anonymous said...

Its a sign, being a vegetarian is stupid.


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