Sunday 20 March 2011


Salt & Pepper Squid Tentacles
Golden Harvest’s Salt and Pepper Squid Tentacles

Shrimp Dumplings (Har Gow) were okay.  The skin was good and the filling was full of shrimp.  4.5/6

The Squid Tentacles were the highlight of the meal for me.   All tentacles! No rings!  If you’re a tentacle fiend, this is the dish for you.  They’re crispy dry with garlic and fresh chilies.  5/6

The Siu Mai were meaty-plump and juicy.    5/6

This Mango Pudding was the disappointment of the meal.  I don’t think I’ve assigned a mark any lower than this one dish.   It was Blah. Someone used too much gelatine. The pudding was hard and the kids didn't like it.   They even had a difficult time cutting through it with a spoon.  1/6

You can’t go wrong with fresh bean sprouts!  The rice rolls held together well, they were nicely “wok-fired” and not gummy at all.  5/6

We also had the Steamed Chicken Feet which a certain someone in our family absolutely loves.   It uses fresh red and green peppers and is nicely spicy, juicy and soft as butter. 5.5/6

Good, but rice noodles fell apart.  Not as silky as it could ideally be.  Tender meat filling.  5/6

Just stems!  Where are the leaves?  They were prepped considerately…cut in lengths easy to eat with chopsticks.   I just hate it when you  have a 6 inch long tree of GaiLan sliding around the tips of your plastic chopsticks.  Yes, it is a way to show off your chopstick-prowess, but it can get awkward.  These veggies were crunchy and cooked to perfection.  Not heavy on garlic but very good.  5.5/6

Egg Tarts are my kids’ favourite dim sum dessert.  Bebe likes the centres and Bib likes the puff pastry crust.  Everybody’s happy if both components are so well made that each girl eats all of both components.  As you can see, the pastry was flaky.  These were also piping hot; freshly made.  The custard was jiggly soft.   Perhaps because of the fact that they were still piping hot, the flavour of the custard didn’t come through as well.  They would have rated higher perhaps if  the custard was set a tad more.  4.5/6

Here’s a pic of the dim sum menu.  We were given a discount because we had a cramped table.  I’m not going to question a discount, so I was happy.  Service was good but the place was quite busy so perhaps if you’re looking for a quiet place with lots of elbow room, you won’t be happy.  There seem to be plenty of “regulars” frequenting the restaurant at this time. 

There’s a dinky little parking lot in the mini plaza out front.  I would rather park far away from all the crazy drivers…on the street.

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