Saturday 5 March 2011


Free range chicken (hoi naam gai).  Rating:  5/6

Stomach liked this dish.  I noticed it was plated nicely and had a good portion of the free range chicken and veg.  Stomach still likes Mui Garden’s free range chicken better simply because they have chickens with MORE MEAT.  However, this version was good.

Singapore Rice Vermicelli.  Rating:  5/6. 

Nice golden hue! I don’t like those versions that are only have a dash of curry and a sprinkling of meat and veg.  This version had an abundance of veg, shrimp, and bbq pork.  I don’t think it was hot and spicy enough…and it could have had more “wok fire”.  Very good though and I’d order it again just to make sure I liked it.

Kids’ meal.  Fried chicken wings, potato puffs and Spaghetti bolognaise.  Gee.  How can you go wrong with freshly fried chicken wings and those tater tots?  Bebe liked the kiddie plate.  She gave it a rating of 5/6.

Fish balls and fish cake on wonton noodle soup.  Rating:  3/6. 

Bib, poor thing had the noodle soup and this was the most disappointing dish of all.  She had to ask Bebe for some of her wings and potato puffs.  There was no depth to the broth and do you see the sprinkling of wilted shredded lettuce?  It looked so sad.   It didn’t taste all so good either.  

All in all, Bauhinia was a pretty good visit other than the soup noodle.  The plating was nicer than usual HK cafes, service was efficient and the place was comfortably decorated.  The kids were mesmerized by the big salt water tank full of fish on one wall where they spotted “Nemo”. 

Bauhinia is way off the beaten track for us and I don’t think we ever come this deep into Richmond that often.    If we find ourselves in this neck of Richmond, I think it’s worth another visit to try out some other dishes.

Bauhinia is located in a plaza and there’s parking out front in the lot.

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