Saturday 26 March 2011


Pearl Milk Tea.  Rating:  5/6

I found the presentation in this honking big glass very nice.  I thought the milk tea was a bit too much on the “milky” side and would have wished for a stronger brew of tea.  Tapioca Bubbles were pretty good.

Chicken nuggets.  You fry it, I usually like it.  Rating:  5/6

Of all the places I’ve had Taiwanese Chicken Nuggets, they have all pretty much tasted the same.  I haven’t encountered any chicken nuggets that were drop dead amazing.  These were freshly made and very good. 

Thick garlic toast.  Rating:  4/6

Bread.  Thick bread.  Thick bread toasted.  It’s panfried as you can see with garlic butter.  After the initial joy of biting into the garlicky crust, you reach the soft cottony interior of this Asian pullman loaf bread.  The bread tasted like bread.  No surprise there; but kind of disappointing.    That’s what it is I guess, but more garlic butter flavour would have been good.

Kimchi Seafood Hotpot.  Rating:  5/6

Stomach always orders something spicy and soupy when we come to these type of joints.  He thought it was really good with lots of different seafood and a good spicy kimchi kick.

Meat sauce on dry noodles.  Rating:  4/6

I ordered this dish, hoping to be impressed by some amazing meat sauce.  However, the Meat Sauce didn’t in fact have a sauce to it; but as advertised the noodles are DRY!  Way too dry for my liking.  I thought a meat sauce would be like the kind you get at Shanghai restaurants…a type of bean sauce, but no way.  It’s just cooked ground pork with some seasonings on top of sprouts and dry boiled noodles.  In fact, I think I was generous with my rating, but perhaps my wishful thinking for a saucy meat sauce may have coloured my rating.  Is this the say it’s supposed to taste, I thought.  I’m not ordering it again.

Lychee juice with bubbles.  Rating:  5/6

I think you can’t go wrong with those canned lychees which my kiddies are all gung-ho over. They sometimes taste better than fresh lychees! 

Condensed Milk Thick Toast.  Rating:  4/6

Again, with the thick toast! I thought that there could have been more condensed milk drizzle as we fought over the remaining bits stuck on the plate, pushing our bread-laden forks around to zamboni  up the thick white syrupy goodness.  The proportion of bread to condensed milk was all wrong.   For this behemoth brick of bread, you definitely need more butter and more condensed milk.  Otherwise, you’re just eating bread.  What’s the point of that?  This is supposed to be like a sweet dessert.

Pearl Castle is located in Richmond Centre and seemed to be pretty busy when we visited.  There are some combo meals and tons of drinks on the menu.  Not being Taiwanese, we are always at a loss as to what to order, but we always give it a go by ordering a couple of what we deem the “traditional” dishes.  If they screw those up, we figure it can’t be that good. 

I thought the pearl drinks were a good size, being served in those big bulbous stemmed glasses and the tapioca pearls were soft albeit seemingly smaller than the ones I’m used to.   I’ll have to ask some of my Taiwanese students what types of things are good to order at Taiwanese restaurants because I’m shooting in the dark it seems. 

Definitely, I’ve learned that fried chicken nuggets are the way to go at these places; as are Bubble tea drinks. 
Pearl Castle is located across from McDonald’s in the Richmond Centre Mall.  Plenty of parking is in the mall lot.
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