Sunday, 19 December 2010


Deep fried stuffed Crab claws.  Rating:  6/6

Deep fried seafood salad roll.  Rating:  6/6

Puffed honeyed egg twists (daan saan)  Rating:  6/6

Har gow.  Rating:  5/6

Kirin Restaurant is located in City Square.   I have eaten here on many a special occasion:  my first child’s One Month dinner, weddings, birthdays and other such occasions.  I have also eaten here just for regular dim sum because I simply love to visit the Cookshop located across from Safeway right after having dim sum on a Sunday afternoon.  It is an absolute must if you’re a foodie. 

The best thing about Kirin is the consistency of the food and the excellent service. 

I have never had a dish at Kirin that was a major disappointment.  It is a fantastic restaurant to bring out of town guests to and I’m a sucker for the city view from the big windows facing South and East.  Vancouver’s City Hall is right across the street if you look out of the East side of the restaurant.  The North Shore mountains are to the North and if you crane yourself you can see glimpses to the NorthEast.  The environment is pretty upscale and the restaurant is clean. 

Parking is free at Kirin City Square.  If you park in the parkade downstairs, you should bring up your stub to the restaurant to get stamped/validated.  If you eat dinner at Kirin they also give you a stamp and sometimes on occasion if you eat later in the evening, even though you have the validated parking stub, the gates are left open and you can just drive through...the parking attendant has left for the night.

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