Monday 18 January 2010


white chicken nuggets, mini sausage roll, potato smile, edamame, strawberries, and a huge container of ketchup!

We visited Daiso in Richmond the other day and I must say, $2 is a pretty good deal for a bento box!  The one I bought above though, is $4.  I really liked the fact it had a divider and it had a tighter fitting sealed lid than some of the other ones.  That being said, you can still buy a decent bento box for $2.
Bebe likes food in small portions but she likes variety.  She also appreciates food separated...and not touching I think.  However, she isn't totally weird about it and fortunately eats food mixed up in general.  I think all the fancy bento doodads are fun to use and colourful and that's part of it. 

Since Bebe loves ketchup, I bought a set of bigger sealed containers (under the potato smiley face) and she should be a happy camper now.  Nothing worse than running out of ketchup for your chicken nuggies!

I have a bunch of posts that have been piling up that I need to work on... a bday cake, my desire for an Illy espresso machine, and of course another cookie recipe.  I'll be back!


Jenny Tan said...

You won't believe this, I think I've got sucked into Bento Box making now!! Yikkess! :P I got 2 hard-boiled eggs molds (fish and car molds) from the local Japanese grocery store and the Kawaii Bento Boxes from Amazon...and I just finished making the eggs for my daughter's lunch for tomorrow!! :P

Cakebrain said...

sigh, yes, it's one of those thing where you get sucked into, like a black hole. I now have way too many bento supplies and lots of bento boxes of various sizes. It should last me a while! Hope you have fun with it!


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