Monday 25 January 2010


Sometimes a little more salt is not a good thing.

Ordinarily, I'm all over Salty Caramel and Salty Chocolate (and even more so if the salt in question is Fleur de Sel).  One cookie in which I like a salty-sweet combination is a Chocolate Chip Cookie with salty almonds.  But nuts are supposed to be salty.  So it works for me.

Since experimenting with sprinkling some Cyprus Salt on my Crispy Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk Cookies, I am not so convinced they belong on this traditional cookie.  They were definitely not bad, but they weren't "wow, that was amazing!"  So in the interests of my family's blood pressure and my own (though my bp is low) I think I'll pass on the sprinkle of salt on these cookies. 

I used Superstore's President's Choice Cyprus Mediterranean Salt. Pretty, isn't it?

The additional flavour and texture simply isn't worth the health problems that will ensue.  Besides, I indulge in salt in so many other ways; this is a place it's not needed.  I'd rather have this as a finishing salt on a roasted chunk of meat or on roasted veggies. 

When I offered the cookies to my colleagues at work, they all steered their hands towards the ones without the little flecks of salt.  The only person who appreciated it was Asian.  He likes a little salt in his sweets.   I'm not averse to it, but...meh.  It's not that great.  I'm a traditionalist when it comes to oatmeal cookies.


Trissa said...

I am a big fan of sweet and salty! I'll take your word about not adding the extra salt but the salt looks so pretty!

Manggy said...

Hmm, maybe they would work better on a cookie that could be overwhelmingly sweet. Macaroons? Chocolate cookies?

Didn't your colleagues think the flecks were sugar? Ha ha ha.

Juliana said...

I never heard of Cyprus salt...and like you love sweet and salty food :-) The salt takes the too much sweet of the sugar...

Clumbsy Cookie said...

I like cookies with salt oh yes I do! But just a little goes a long way :) With ot without salt I'm sure the cookies were yummy!

Ash said...

Ahh I need to make these!
I believe I have some cyprus salt hanging around.

Cakebrain said...

It looks pretty because the flakes are discernible, but maybe that's the problem too.

Yes, perhaps a chocolate cookie...and for sure it'll cut the sweetness. My colleagues have conservative taste buds, I'd say.

Blonde Duck,
The Cyprus salt looks so gorgeous and now I'm wondering if it's man-made because it's too perfect! the crystals grow out in a pyramid shape it seems...

I do like salty and sweet food. However, in this recipe it doesn't work for me. c'est la vie!

You know best! A yummy cookie is a yummy cookie. This recipe makes a yummy cookie!

So you've been shopping at Superstore too? They have some cool stuff for baking, don't they?

Zurin said...

Oh yes!!!! I love sweet n salty...absolutely titillating! beautiful cookie too! i will bookmark n add to my long list :)

Ash said...

haha, you bet! Superstore has some great little gourmet things right now!

Steph said...

This is my favourite oatmeal cookie recipe. When I first saw the salt, I wasn't too sure about it either only because there isn't chocolate in these. I would have still given them a try with the salt. I'm always curious. It drives me crazy when I bring desserts to work and people never seem to have an open mind, always steering towards chocoalte chip cookies... not that there's anything wrong with them either, but still!

Anne said...

I use coursely ground salt in what I believe is the best brownie on the planet. Everyone loves the salt surprise.

Y said...

I'm not sick of salty caramels yet, and those cookies look lovely. My favourite salt to use in baking is a Welsh vanilla salt.

Cakebrain said...

Salt & Sugar makes the world go 'round!
Superstore for baking's my secret!
I hear ya!
Lori Anne,
You have connoisseurs for friends!
Salt goes so well with chocolate!
I don't tire of salt! I like Pink Himalayan Salt or Maldon Salt.


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