Sunday 13 December 2009


This is the lazy-man’s Christmas cookie.  I searched high and low for the White Chocolate covered Oreos I decorated with snowflakes last year, but I couldn’t find any.
Instead, these Oreo Wreaths caught my eye.  They didn’t look particularly festive so I thought I ought to add some Christmas bling to them.  I employed my new gadget:  the Cuisipro Decorator Pen to pipe the melted coloured white chocolate.  The pen was okay but white chocolate isn’t exactly the easiest product to pipe with at the best of times.  
The pen works like a syringe.  You remove the tip, pull on the syringe to suck up the melted white chocolate or whatever icing or frosting you’re using and proceed to squeeze the silicone body of the pen to get the product flowing.  Sometimes I had to push the plunger to get the chocolate coming out or to get rid of an air bubble…and I had a couple of close calls where a big blob of chocolate burst from the tip, but I had a custard cup nearby to catch the drip so it wasn’t so bad.
As you can see, I paid $12.95 Cdn for the pen and I purchased two.  I read somewhere that you can buy different tips, but I didn’t see any different tips at the Cookshop in City Square, where I bought my pens.   Fortunately, the pen is easy to take apart and clean.  Just use a chopstick to help you clean inside the body of the pen.  It’s perfect for small decorating  jobs.  If you’re comfortable with a piping bag, you probably wouldn’t need one of these anyway.  I liked that I didn’t have to fool with parchment paper cones though.  Parchment paper cones don’t like me.
A little problem I seem to always encounter was the un-Christmassy shade of pink that resulted from my adding powdered red food colouring to the white chocolate.    I didn’t want to use too much red colouring, so I decided to leave it pink and then sprinkle  some glittery red sanding sugar over the pink dot of white chocolate to ensure a “berry-like” appearance for my holly.   Sprinkles saved the day.
These cookies were so quick to make.   A bonus is that I didn’t use royal icing (which doesn’t taste as good as white chocolate anyway).  I only melted a small amount of white chocolate to decorate these cookies and I think they make the wreaths look more like wreaths.  I tried drawing a bow with my decorator pen but that didn’t look so stellar.  I decided to eat it.  So no picture of that. 
I have a few logs of a new recipe I tried out the other day for slice and bake Sables.  I’ll be posting those shortly.   Don’t worry.  These will be from scratch.


Lori R. said...

Oh my, how cute!! I have never seen these wonders!! Not sure I would be coordinated enough to use that type of pen. I can hardly make a pastry bag work... but love the idea!

Snooky doodle said...

how nice! i can use these as Christmas tree decoration :)

Cakebrain said...

I think the pen is definitely easier to use than a pastry bag. All you need to do is squeeze.
Yes, I guess you could!

Zurin said...

Really cute....never see those oreos here or maybe I wasnt looking. Ur added touch certainly did the job!

I too hate it when I have to use so much colouring to get the right shade of colour. but u found a way around that. clever!

Anonymous said...

Great idea!

Unknown said...

Wow Oreo always comes up with amazing things! The pen looks like a great invention, for people who are starting out, or afraid of piping bags!!

Chef Fresco said...

How adorable! Very creative :)

Clumbsy Cookie said...

I have that same pen! What a great idea, the oreos wreaths are adorable!

Pei-Lin said...

Interesting! I've never seen this gadget before. Wish I could have one at least ... Hahaha ...!


Cakebrain said...

Yeah, the oreos are not easy to find. When I see them I grab a bunch!
the pen is perfect for writing on cakes I think!
Chef Fresco,
Being pressed for time breeds creativity in me!
we ought to compare our kitchen gadgets! I want to see what cool stuff you have!
I think you're fine without the gadget...I'm just into gadgets!

oneordinaryday said...

So cute! I haven't seen these oreos but now I have to go look for them.

Unknown said...

Just found your blog, how cute!!


Cakebrain said...

thanks for visiting me and commenting because now I found your cool blog!


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