Thursday 22 October 2009



What’s a mommy to do when her 6 year old daughter has a play-date the next morning and there’s no time to bake? DSC_3807

I wanted to do something craftsy, but then didn’t have any idea what to do on such short notice. You know I have a pantry of baking supplies, so I thought best to bake cookies or something. The girls could bake the cookies and decorate them for hallowe’en. I had a flashback to last Christmas when I did something similar and recalled vividly the colourful sprinkles and dragees all over the countertops and floor. You couldn’t walk a step in the kitchen without hearing the tiny crunching of the sprinkles and roly-poly dragees underfoot. If was fun but oh so messy! Also, considering my time frame, I thought I had better rethink that whole process. By the time they rolled out the dough and cut them out, it’d be time for her buddy to go home and the cookies wouldn’t even have been cooled and decorated yet.


Fortunately, I work well under a bit of duress and the creative juices seemed to be flowing. So, being the smartie-pants that I am—actually, in this case, the m&m’s-pants—I had the brilliant idea to use white chocolate-covered oreos for my cookie base and just have the girls decorate with prepared tubed black icing (from Wilton). I grabbed some mini m&m’s, some hallowe’en coloured sparkles and raided my cake decorating cupboard for little sprinkles and candies. The spider bodies are of course, brown m&m’s. The heads are brown-coloured decorator candies. I clumsily piped 8 legs on the body and had myself a pretty tasty-looking spider!


When I did my jack o’ lantern oreos, I used the same black icing to pipe the lines that would hold the orange sprinkles first. Then I piped more icing on the north pole to have the green sparkles stick. The face was piped last.DSC_3810DSC_3818

A batch of Hallowe’en cookies isn’t complete without some ghosts, so I did some simple free-hand ghosts with the piping tube. The pink sprinkled ghost is a girl ghost.


You know…kind of like a “princess” ghost? Well, you’d know what I mean if you had a girl.


I am loving these white chocolate covered oreos. Whenever I see them in the store from now on, I’m going to grab myself a few dozen bags! What a super easy treat for Hallowe’en!

Happy Hallowe’en and do link back to me with your own creative Hallowe’en Oreo images!



natalie said...

what a great idea! i've never had the covered oreos but will def have to try them! might have to run and get some before my nephew comes over- he'd have so much fun decorating!

Palidor said...

M&Ms rock! Those are really cute cookies. You did a fantastic job.

Amanda said...

This is one of the best and most creative and easy ideas I have seen in a long time!!

Well done!


Sarea in bucate said...

superrrrr! great idea! thank u!

Talita said...

Haha! How cute!! Perfect for halloween!

Federica Simoni said...

wow sono meravigliosi!! complimenti!

Manggy said...

Wow, you're fantastic thinking on your feet! :) I love the M&M spiders- I think they sell black M&Ms around this time of the year right?

Juliana said...

Oh! They are so cute...what a nice treat for Halloween :-)

Y said...

Very clever! I like the spider M&M. Didn't even know they had white covered oreos.

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Awww they're SO cute! And they sound absolutely delicious too :D

Unknown said...

Very clever! and so cute! You think real fast!


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