Tuesday 11 August 2009


I seriously think that I could build a wicked stack of these cookies, but I was outside on my deck and didn’t want to have them tumbling all over onto the ground.
Isn’t it crazy, this Vancouver weather? Right now, it’s raining. I’m sure the fire-fighters are sighing in relief, but the kiddies are not outside playing now that it’s raining. I’m having to occupy them with crafts and stuff inside. They thoroughly enjoyed eating these black sesame butter cookies that I’ve developed using the Torto brand dessert mix. I also made a Mini Peanut Chocolate Chip cookie with their peanut dessert mix too (which I’ll post later). I’m on a roll. My mother actually loves the peanut cookies. She says I should be charging more money for this recipe because it’s a winner and blah blah blah.
But hey, if I were in it just for the money…sigh…

These past few years, I’ve turned down many requests for making birthday cakes, selling cupcakes online, making macarons for money and such because I figure I make more money teaching English than I do baking. Besides that, I don’t like losing control of the creative process. You know, when someone wants a certain flavour that you hate? or a combination of colours you detest? or they want something that you don’t feel like making? that, and I don’t have a commercial kitchen? Yeah, I have a Sub-Zero fridge, but do you realize how shallow the refrigerator is? it can’t even hold a typical huge birthday cake at all!
I don’t think I could stand the heat in the kitchen anyway. Like Marilyn Monroe, I just wasn’t designed for hot weather. I like it cool. I can’t imagine working in a hot kitchen all the time.
People must wonder why I spend so much time researching recipes, buying cookbooks and baking stuff.
With the $20 I’ve earned from the ads on my blog, I’m rolling in dough! No, wait…I will be rolling in dough as soon as I reach $100, which is when they’ll actually send some money my way! At this rate, my blog will generate that $100 by the year 2019!
My colleagues, friends and family must think I’m nuts ‘cause I spend so much hard-earned money buying baking tools and neat ingredients and then giving my baked goods away for free! That, and this project with the dessert mixes…I’m developing recipes for a company and the reimbursement is way less than I make per hour teaching high school English (and that’s not much, my friends), for the time and ingredients I put in to it.
I must be crazy. But, ah well. If I were in it for the money, I’d probably be broke.
I like writing about food and testing recipes. I also like developing recipes too. So, I guess this is kind of a start in that direction. This is an all-consuming, time-absorbing, money-sapping, fat-producing hobby but I think I love it.
But I’m not giving up my day job! :p

Torto products are available all around the world. If you're from Canada, all Torto Instant Dessert products can be purchased at your local chinese grocery store. If you can't find it, visit http://www.canroxy.com/ or call (416) 321 8521 to find the closest retail shop near you. For anyone outside Canada, you can find it at your local chinese grocery store or email ettason@ettason.com.hk for
more info.


Anh said...

I spent a lot of $ on baking tools, too. Together with makeup, shoes etc. My husband complains on other purchases, but he encourages me to buy baking tools :D.

Love your cookie stack!

dessert girl said...

These cookies sound great! I know what you mean about hot weather. If the temperature never went above 79, I would be a happy camper!

Jessica604 said...

Good on you for doing something you love!

The boyfriend always complains about the stacks of cookbooks, knitting and textile books, kitchen gadgets, and other hobby-related items (don't get him started about buttons!) around the apartment, but deep down I know he tolerates it for my happiness. :)

I def. want the warm weather back, even just the sun, although I have to admit - I can play in HOT weather...working in it is pretty mind-numbing.

Palidor said...

I don't think you're crazy. In fact, I think most of us foodies are like that. We take great joy in the creation process and then sharing that with other people. As long as you love what you're doing, that's the most important thing!

Chef Fresco said...

Black sesame butter cookies? I'm intrigued!

Allen said...

OMG - I just posted about sesame cookies too ... maybe I'm channeling you (or great minds really do think alike) ;-)

Your cookies look amazing - I'll have to try the black sesame butter soon!

Mélanie said...

I understand, because I 'm in the same situation. I'm not giving up my job! On the contrary, our jobs allow us to spend money on our passion! And to give cookies for free :)

diva said...

gorgeous cookies..and yes, i too am not made for hot weather. the sun is too glaring, the heat is stifling and if it's muggy, it's absolutely killing!

20bucks? good stuff. hope u make 100 soon. i'm only doing about 7bucks and it's peanuts. x

Amy said...

Just wondering if you can post the recipe for the Torto Cookie?

Cakebrain said...

Hi Amy,
Actually, I sold the recipe to Torto and they'll be putting it on their boxes or promotional stuff in the future. If you tell me your email, I can send you a copy.
I'm cakebrain at gmail dot com.


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