Tuesday 18 March 2008


Sugar rushhhhh!
spring petits fours

seedless raspberry jam sandwiched in the petits fours

a platter of these petits fours would be perfect for a dainty tea party. yup, i've munched two of the cakes in the foreground. i couldn't wait!

These darling Spring Petits Fours are so sweet I had to chase them down with a couple of glasses of water! They are enrobed in an icing made of confectioners' sugar. The recipe called for a kilogram of confectioners' sugar and I thought that a bit much for the quantity of cakes, so I halved the recipe for the icing. In the end, I still had plenty of icing left over. Mind you, I scraped the dripped icing from the sheet pan I had under the rack of petits fours and reused/repoured it over the remaining cakes. I didn't encounter any problems with my technique so I'm glad I saved myself some ingredients. I hate to waste.

For half of the petits fours, I sandwiched seedless raspberry jam. These little raspberry ones were even sweeter. whooeey! I think if you were to have ONE of the cakes with tea or coffee it would be fine. I'm not too fond of royal icing or this poured icing glaze. All I taste is sugar. It makes me want to brush my teeth right away.

As for the performance of the cool flower cake mold...it's a winner! I sprayed it with baker's spray beforehand and the little petits fours popped out no problem! I'd like to figure out a way of employing the spring flowers petits fours mold for making something else. Maybe brownies? Financiers? hmm. I just don't like the icing. Unfortunately it's the icing that makes it look so pretty! The little cake part was good by itself. Yet again, a dessert that looks pretty but doesn't rock my tastebuds. I think I would use this pan again, but perhaps I'd look for an alternative to this icing. Perhaps a thinner coating of icing or better yet, a coating of white chocolate tinted in pastel colours! yeah! That would be a winner, I'm sure! I'm trying that next.

Check out the recipe here.


Anonymous said...

They are so sweet (both in looks as in taste ;)
Maybe next time you could use a less sweet cake recipe, something chocolate-y? Or only a little icing on top so that it drizzles down. Or something tangy to fill the petit fours?
I'm sure I could eat more than one with my tea, they look delicious!

Anonymous said...

YAY! I've been WAITING for you to make these. They turned out so beautifully!! I want to make petit fours so badly. Last time I tried it took FOREVER. I love how you have a pan for them. Such a great idea. They look amazing.

stephchows said...

These look beautiful! I'm going to have to convince my mom to let me make these for Easter, I'm headed home on Friday and will twist her arm :) delicious!

cakewardrobe said...

Oh lovely! Perfect for tea time! I love tea time with cakes and cookies! It's my favorite childhood pastime!

Alejandra Ramos said...

Those are so cute! Perhaps a tart filling would help? Like lemon or sour cherries?

test it comm said...

Those look really good. Nice pastel colours.

Manggy said...

Way to go! I'm glad they turned out well this month! :)

Cakespy said...

Oh my, I missed these on my last visit--they look so sweet and wonderful! Happy easter! :-)

ChangelingChick said...

The lemon variant of the recipe really cuts down on the sweetness (with optional lemon curd instead of jam sandwiched in). Also, the pouring icing is just way too much. I'm not sure why they recommended that method other than as a time saver. Dipping gives you the icing, but doesn't smother the things in sugar. Also, the floral design doesn't get dulled with the icing. We did these for a birthday low tea (afternoon tea) a couple years ago, and everyone loved them.


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