Friday 1 February 2008


ginger green onion clay pot oysters
mise en place: green onion, yellow onion, chinese sausage(laap cheung), bbq pork (cha siu), ginger

I was hankering for some deep fried oysters and decided to make my homespun rendition of Sizzling Oyster HotPot, a Cantonese Clay Pot dish served in restaurants
start with whatever you have in the fridge. I had chinese sausage (laap cheung) and bbq pork (cha siu). Often, I've tossed a spoonful of pineapple tidbits in or deepfried tofu. Almost anything goes!
in a ziploc bag, coat oysters in heavily seasoned cornstarch/flour mixture. then i shallow fry them until golden. at this point, it's hard to resist eating them
in a clay pot, add sliced ginger and saute until fragrant
toss in the onions and continue sauteing until translucent; then chuck everything else in!

add the oysters last and toss to mix. unfortunately, i forgot to take a picture after i tossed the oysters with everything else! i just wanted to eat it

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