Monday 11 February 2008


"dotty for you" valentine's day butter cookies
For Valentine's Day, I wanted to bake Bebe and Bib some cookies.

the white royal icing dots are so easy to pipe (but a little bit time-consuming)
Fortuitously, I remembered that I had a slab of butter cookie dough left over from Christmas Baking in the freezer. I had even rolled it out and saved it between parchment and plastic wrap.

I whipped up a simple royal icing using meringue powder and confectioners' sugar and rummaged around for my food colouring. I found the powdered stuff and put a pinch into the mixer. The colour was kind of icky and so I kept adding pinches of the food colouring but it never did achieve the nice baby pink colour I had intended. Instead, I had an orangey-pink hue.

I did my best to flood the cookies with the icing and decided it was best to disguise the hideous shade of pink with some white royal icing. The quickest and least artistically offensive design I came up with were these dots.

a plate full of love & kisses

It's not too late to bake some sweets for your sweetie! Click here and here for good butter cookie recipes.


Anonymous said...

Very pretty! Love the polka dots. The colour might not be the colour you had in mind but it is still a pretty colour.

Patricia Scarpin said...

These are so lovely!!
I'm a sucker for pink. :)

Anonymous said...

These are SOO beautiful!! What a great Valentine's day treat!

Anonymous said...

Those are absolutely beautiful! My dots would never come out so stunning, and how did you know how much red powder to put in to get that perfect pink?

katiebee said...

these are so precious! what a great post - thanks!

rhid said...

These are cute! I'm just attempting to try covering cookies with royal icing - and I think I'll be doing your fab dots!

Marie {Make and Takes} said...

These look perfect and delicious. I would devour the whole plate in minutes.

Anonymous said...

Hey I love your blog. I am Canadian too eh! I will be happily reading your blog and taking notes of some of those recipes. Those dottie cookies are beautiful! I have never gotten the right "pink" colour in my icings, but heck it's fun to try and yours turned out great!
Kelly from Canada

cakewardrobe said...

Dots are always so aesthetically pleasing for some reason.. I'm a huge fan! So pretty!

test it comm said...

Those look really nice. I like the dot patterns.

Helene said...

Love pink and the dots are too cute! You did a wonderful job!

David Goodman said...

Your photos are killer!

Would you consider licensing one for a product shot?

Need to know ASAP.

Thanks, David


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