Thursday 13 December 2007


greenspan's world peace (korova) cookies & a shot of eggnog

I thought that this recipe for World Peace Cookies was doomed from the start. First, I couldn't find my Fleur de Sel which I haven't used since making Medrich's Bittersweet Chocolate Tarts. I looked in all the cupboards in the kitchen and it was nowhere to be seen. It was in a pretty glass jar and I could have hidden it somewhere safe...
korova cookies are slightly salty making them unusually delicious

I had to substitute Maldon Sea Salt for the Fleur de Sel. I was sorely disappointed I couldn't find this uber-expensive salt. I mean come on--when do you really get to use this stuff in real life? Then, I saw that I had only half the amount of Valrhona Cocoa powder I wanted to use so I had to top it up with some Hershey's Cocoa Powder (egad!) Moreover, when it came to locating some bittersweet chocolate for chopping, I used the remains of a bag of chocolate chips and some Callebaut chocolate chunks. It was just a mish-mash of ingredients (let's call it a multicultural mosaic).
world peace cookies are perfect for christmas baking

As my butter was happily creaming in my KitchenAid, I heard Bib wake up earlier from her nap than usual so I couldn't finish mixing the dough. She was screaming like a banshee...

I thought that I could finish the dough and roll it into logs for the refrigerator but found it extremely difficult while holding Bib in my left arm. I was working with only my right hand which I'm used to--and which explains why my left forearm is built like Popeye's. However she was batting at my sunglasses that I had on to protect my newly Lasik-ed eyes. Bib pointed at and tried to grab everything: at the chocolate-brown dough, at the cool silvery-shiny Kitchenaid making whirring noises and Greenspan's Paris Sweets.

eggnog and cookies. mmm!

I put Bib down on the kitchen floor to play but she clambered onto my pant legs making it difficult for me to move anywhere. I took out some Tupperware and such for her to gnaw on. That lasted for about 20 seconds. She pulled open all the drawers while I plopped the dough onto the parchment to roll. I grabbed a set of measuring spoons and a-hah! they jingled and danced around in her hands sufficiently for me to start forming logs. However, before I could finish, I heard a clash as the set of spoons went flying across the kitchen floor. She had broken the stupid flimsy metal chain that kept all the spoons together. Drat.

a perfect reminder for santa

In the end, the cookies were baked and Bebe exclaimed they were "yummy, mommy", which is all that matters anyway. Bib of course couldn't have the chocolate cookies 'cause she's not ready for trying eggs or chocolate yet. Too bad for her!

So, Bebe gets World Peace--which I heard her ask Santa Claus for while sitting on his lap at the mall for our annual Christmas picture--albeit in the form of Greenspan's Korova/World Peace Cookies. I'm hoping Santa considers her request for "Peace on Earth" though.


Patricia Scarpin said...

I'm sure that your substitutions are more than fine - your cookies look wonderful!
I have baked these and they are to die for.

Cakebrain said...

Hi Patricia,
Thanks! Like I always say, you can't go very wrong it you put chocolate in it. Well, they sure taste pretty good even with the substitutions. I'm still looking for my fleur de sel's really bothering me!


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