Saturday 22 December 2007


a stack of christmas cookie boxes ready for giving

WHEW! with all this baking going on, i forgot to make christmas cards this year (oops!) so instead i made a little card with a list of the contents inside

I don't want to see another butter cookie in a while. I'm putting all my raw dough logs in the freezer for when I go back to work next month. I figure that I can "dispose" of the offending calorie-traps after the New Year by placing the cookies strategically in the staff room during breaks.

I am quite pleased with this year's Christmas Boxes and though it was a bit of work and I copped out on the Anise/Vanilla Cookie, I more than made up for it with my newly concocted Bah Humbug Black Sesame Sable. By tossing the raw cookie in vanilla sugar before baking, I added a further crunchy element to it and I am very happy with this cookie. It's going to be a year-round cookie for me now.

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