Saturday 13 October 2007


t-room: bakery & kitchenware store

Ahh. Fall in Vancouver is my favourite time of the year...

Today is Gymboree music class for Bib. She's in Music I and is lovin' it (sorta). Well, she only cries when another baby starts crying. I think it's sympathetic crying on her part. Stomach and Bib stayed for the class and Bebe and I went for a stroll along 10th Avenue since it was a great sunny day. On the way back I noticed a bakery that I had read about in the Georgia Straight. It's T Room: Bakery & Kitchenware, located in Point Grey Village.

the kitchenware side of t room

The word "kitchenware" on the sign beckoned me because I'm a sucker for kitchen gadgets.

I spotted a funky blue and brown apron (which I purchased) and salivated over all the goodies. Bebe wanted the Princess Cake (of course) and I wanted the Chocolate Mousse, although the Sacher looked enticing as did the Meringue Sandwiches.

are those matcha cookies i see in that cookie jar?

chocolate mousse

princess cake
yeah, i know it's green, but bebe wanted it!

The friendly staff gave me a tour of the store and allowed me to take some pictures. They do not yet have a website set up and just recently opened this past July.

t room's sweet offerings

T Room's great because it's got it all. They have one side of the store dedicated to really cool kitchenware. The other side is the "tea/dining" area and further to the back of the store you have a private room you can book for special functions. This room overlooks the backyard garden and you can overlook the kitchen area where all the delicious sweets are made.
a private room in the back of the store for special functions

The highlight of T Room on a beautiful sunny Vancouver day is the backyard garden. It is absolutely gorgeous. I was told that you could have little parties back here and they recently hosted a preschooler's birthday party. They also offer a selection of great teas and I was told they do High Tea as well.

garden courtyard at the back of t room

I had to leave but I'll have to visit again and try their teas.
It looks like the perfect place for me to hang out with a cup of tea, a dainty sweet and a huge stack of essays to mark!

T Room Bakery &Kitchenware
4445 10th Ave. W
Vancouver, B.C. V6R 2H8
(604) 677-BKRY (2579)
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Dumpling-girl said...

Thanks for your post on this place. I went and liked the place a lot, but I never would have known about the courtyard out back if I hadn't seen it on your blog! I didn't get a chance to use it, as it was raining, but am looking forward to that on a sunny day.

of Nancyland, Vancouver Foodie Fun

Kitchen Equipment said...

Thanks for the post. This is a great hidden gem. The thing about Vancouver is there are so many great places to visit so its really easy to miss cool places like this. I mean Broadway alone has more places than you can visit in a year.

The garden here looks amazing, I'll have to check it out the next time we get a sunny day (if ever).

Ara said...

This place is really fantastic.The photos shows all the amazing angle in that place. I hope I can also go here in person. =) Although I'm not a fan of sweets but I would still want to experience coming in here. =)
By the way, Christmas is getting closer. I hope we can be green this Christmas. Go Green :)


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