Sunday 9 September 2007


Bebe's request: Black forest cake. Those are chunks of dark cherry jello!

I was walking by this Euro-Asian bakery on Granville Street and couldn't resist trying something.

Lychee mousse cake: the best out of the bunch, I think. Chocolate and vanilla sponge layers are nice too.

Green tea mousse cake. Green tea and chocolate cake. The chocolate sponge was not as tender and moist. I didn't like this one. But it didn't stop me from eating it all.

Coconut mousse cake with (sweet) black rice and mango mousse chunks. Looks like the pastry chef decided to throw all the leftovers into this one! Bebe didn't like it, but Stomach did. He thought the cake was on the dry side though.

Lots of fusion stuff here. They've got real boules, baguettes and european-inspired breads along with traditional chinese pastries.
8278 Granville street Vancouver BC V6P 4Z4 TEL: 604-269-0002

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