Tuesday 28 August 2007


I'm a control freak and I covet the best foolproof recipes.

My interest is baking, so my primary quest is to duplicate my favourite patisserie goods at home, but being a foodie, I also try to replicate restaurant meals at home too.

My Mission: to test recipes in the quest for the best foolproof versions of my favourite patisserie items and anything else that catches my fancy!

In my ongoing quest for the best recipes out there, I'm committing myself to trying a new recipe every month. I'll post the recipe at the beginning of the month and some time during the month I'll try to find the time to make it and post my results (with pictures) regardless of the success or failure of the project.

It seems to me as if I'm always making the same old stuff and yet I have hundreds of cookbooks and magazines--and continue to buy more on a regular basis. What I need to do is challenge myself to try a new recipe every month. This Recipe Challenge thingy would be a great way to share recipes too. This bodes well in the "positive karma" department, I figure. What better way to connect with people?

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