Sunday 26 August 2007


sticky rice in fresh banana leaves

deep fried silver rolls...note the neat layers inside!

I've been to Gingeri on more than one occasion for dim sum. It's located in Lansdowne Mall and usually has hordes of Chinese families waiting out in the mall, in line to get in. I learned from Stomach that the waiter informed him of a smokin' deal if you eat and pay before 11:45a.m. You get 20% off your bill. Fortunately, we were here at 10:30 a.m. with a reservation!

Now, that explains the hordes of Chinese people out there. The food too has to be good. It was voted by Vancouver Magazine a "Silver" for best dim sum. Today I came to see if it's all that it's cracked up to be.
deep fried wonton with sweet and sour sauce

One thing that's outstanding is the unique dimsum available. We ended up ordering 9 dishes because I accidentally left a stray pencil mark on the computerized "scantron" bubble sheets. Oh well. The stray mark landed on deep fried wonton. It could have been worse. At least it's deep fried and Bebe and I always like that.

People fed up with the same old stuff on the dim sum menus can find some really unique dishes here. We had a seafood salad, decorated with a wisp of real gold leaf, in a deep-fried mini taro cup that was very good. Stomach didn't think their Har Gow ($4.20) was anything to brag about. He's had better and said this one was standard. The steamed spareribs were good as was the steamed beef balls with bean curd sheets ($3.75). I didn't like the strong orange peel flavour in the beef, but Stomach thought it was assertive but good. Of course, the deep fried wonton was excellent: crispy with a deliciously succulent shrimp paste filling and a well-balanced sweet and sour dip.

The unique deep fried silver rolls ($3.00) served with a condensed milk dip was yummy but I find restaurants never give you enough dip! We also ordered a particularly fine sticky rice wrap which was elevated to another level with its use of fresh banana leaves, which impart a much more fragrant aroma to the steamed sticky rice. To conclude, we ordered the coconut pudding ($3.30) which was light, coconuty (what else?) and refreshing.

You know what? Now that I've tabulated all our dishes, I noticed we didn't receive our lo bak goh (panfried turnip cake), which I know I ordered for Bebe--her favourite. I had also checked our list of dishes and counted nine; they're all written in Chinese so I wouldn't know how to read them anyway. I think we paid for 9 dishes (total bill was $32) and left without getting the last dish. Oh, man! Well, there goes the 20% smokin' deal down the tubes.

Stomach thought the food was pretty good and I agree. But next time I'm going to make sure we get all our dishes before we leave.



ADDRESS: Unit 323 Lansdowne Centre

PHONE: (604) 278-6006

PARKING: in the mall's parking lot

COUPONS: 20% off dimsum before 11:45a.m.; 20% off takeout menu; set banquet menus for large parties ($428, $528,$628,or $888/10 persons)

FOOD: 10/12




PRICE: $$-$$$

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