Sunday 26 August 2007


This is our old standby when we feel like having a nice bowl of congee. They have the best congee in Vancouver. My mother says they also have the best beef brisket. I think she's probably right. However, we had takeout the other day and ordered "Singing Chicken Hot Pot" which interestingly enough had tender pork liver slices in it as well. I thought the chicken, smothered in onions and scallions was excellent. Though I don't eat innards, Stomach and my mother do and they really liked the liver. Apparently it's the chef's specialty (in congee) and since it's his signature ingredient, he's added some here. It looked tender; not dry and was cooked to perfection...if you like liver. The other dish we ordered was Beef with Gai Laan and this was done well too. I don't have any complaints. The restaurant's not the nicest place to eat in, but it's cheap and they have some really good dishes with excellent flavours.

When we eat at the restaurant, we usually order congee of some sort, the chinese donut and the roast duck . We are never disappointed when we order these standbys. If you like duck, their roast duck is great as are their other barbecued items. (However, I still think No.9 in Richmond does the BEST bbq duck in Metro Vancouver.) Congee Noodle House is however, the best congee noodle restaurant in the City of Vancouver. They do a brisk business selling bbq meats at the front of the store in addition to their restaurant.


RESTAURANT: Congee Noodle House

ADDRESS: 141 E Broadway, Vancouver

PHONE: (604) 879-8221

PARKING: tight parking lot in back; street parking


FOOD: 10/12




PRICE: $-$$

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