Thursday 2 August 2007


I am still in mourning over the closing of Cafe Gloucester on Cambie due to the construction. This is because we could "eat cheap" and run, with the early specials. Bebe could order pasta, Chinese noodles, french fries or a grilled cheese sandwich if she wanted with a nice tall cup of milk included! Stomach usually wants something Chinesey so he gets what he wants: usually a bowl of fresh rice noodles with fish balls in soup. I have meandering taste buds and like to try different things. In search of the best Singapore Fried Rice Vermicelli, "sing jou chow mai", I found their rendition to be pretty good. Though small in portion due to the early special price with drink included, I still found it satisfying enough because of the perfect ratio of "filling" (shrimp, pork, veggies) and the heat was nicely balanced. Each of our meals was under $7, with drinks included. So that wasn't bad I think. Apparently, Gloucester will be reopening soon in December 2007. Until then, I continue the quest.

Daimo on Granville St. had a particularly nice Singapore Fried Rice Vermicelli when I tried it one morning. What I liked was the different layers of heat: fresh chilies and curry powder hit you early and then warmed your throat after you swallowed. I dislike versions that are flat and weak in heat or filling. The noodles have to hold up well too, which is difficult because rice vermicelli tends to clump or break up into tiny bits. I haven't ordered it for a while but I hope that it's consistent enough that if I go back and order it again I'll encounter the same experience. Like most Chinese, I feel that if a restaurant can't duplicate a delicious dish consistently, there won't be a next time for me.


RESTAURANT: Daimo Noodle Express

ADDRESS: 8185 Granville Street, Vancouver

PHONE: (604) 264-7873

PARKING: free in the plaza; street/meter parking


FOOD: 9.5/12


SERVICE: 3.5/6


PRICE: $-$$

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