Saturday 28 July 2007

Vietnamese dinner and lullabies

We just visited the Vietnamese restaurant on Cambie that is now located on Main street. We were the only Asian people there. I recall the owner used to greet everyone with a friendly "welcome my friend" but this time we didn't get that. He just grunted and pointed to a booth. Hm. Could be we had 2 kids this time...and one a potentially crying baby.

Maybe he had a sense we would use our Entertainment Coupon too. Well, we did. I don't care. Stomach and I both ordered the Combo D and ordered a small wonton soup for Bebe. The food's still very good, but Stomach pointed out that the placed was a bit more run down looking than the previous place. As well, there were flies all over the place in the dining area. That's always a huge turnoff. On the other hand, I also noticed a cute ladybug that landed in our booth and that allowed me to point it out to Bebe. She noticed but wasn't impressed.

Funny thing during dinner is that I noticed all the "white people" were getting effusive greetings and everytime he passed their tables, he would ask how things were going. We didn't get our teapot filled even though we gave the secret Chinese signal: we tipped the lid on its side.
Tomorrow I'm going to try making a Green Tea Chiffon Cake. We'll see if I get the time.


RESTAURANT: Vina Vietnamese Cuisine

COUPONS: Yes/Entertainment

ADDRESS: 4136 Main Street, Vancouver, B.C.

PHONE: (604) 872-3455

PARKING: pay parking/street

FOOD: 10 /12





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