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Spicy Grilled Squid Tentacles


When you arrive at the Richmond Night Market at dusk, vendors are busily readying for the rush. 


It doesn’t seem to matter how many years pass by between visits to the night market.  The vendors don’t seem to be selling anything really that different.  There were iphone accessories, sunglasses, cute stationery, colourful socks and even bras and underwear.

I don’t understand why they think people want to buy bras at the night market.  The thing is, it takes me forever to find even one bra that fits properly.  I have to go into the fitting room a dozen times with every brand possible and even then after 2 hours, with the help of a knowledgeable lingerie saleslady and a patient friend,  I usually only find one bra that fits decently.  So to purchase a bra from a night market stall where there are no changing rooms is something I would never fathom.   Besides this, all the bras were A and B cups mostly with tons of padding.  Ew.  I never find anything in a DD and even in a regular store like La Senza where everything seems pretty enough…they don’t even regularly carry small rib-cage sizes under 36.  It seems that the manufacturers think that DD means you need a 38 or something.   Or if they have a 32 or 34, it’s A or B cup.  What a drag.  Oh well, that’s my pet peeve.   I haven’t seen anyone purchase bras at these night market stalls either so I have no idea how they make any money.


I’ll tell you who’s doing a hopping business here though…food stalls!


Meat skewers smell so good!


The takoyaki stall is always busy and there’s usually a queue.


I usually look for the longest queue and determine that it has to be pretty good and so I end up lining up for it.  The grilled squid guy was really busy and seemed to be doing good business with all the people milling about, so I went for it.

You can order regular or spicy.  He tosses in some madras curry and hot sauce to the grilled squid if you order it spicy.  It sure looked good but it was okay.  Stomach said the last year he had it, it tasted better.  It was a bit chewy to me.


Strawberry flavoured eggball waffles.  The girls hoovered these up.


My favourite of the night were these meat skewers.  They had angus beef, chicken, pork and lamb varieties.  I picked just the beef and chicken.  They were so tender and had good char.


The chow mein was cheap:  $3.75

It was okay.  It tasted like something you could make at home…nothing fancy.

All in all, a visit to the summer night market in Richmond is a pretty good time if you're looking for good eats.  The takoyaki and the grilled skewer items are our favourites.  We always pick up some stationery items for the kiddies.  There's plenty of parking along the street but you can pay to park closer.  You have to get there early at dusk.  Along the road though were the juiciest blackberries ever growing wild.  We were popping them in our mouths as we walked towards the market.

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Ms Fatty said...

I'm so glad I found this site and particularly this post. I haven't been up that way to see my cousins (Surrey) in a few years, but the last time I was there, I did the Richmond Night Market and loved it! It was the closest (at that moment) to experiencing anything like real Asian hawker street food.

Memories! Now I need to book a trip ASAP!


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