Wednesday, 17 August 2011



I’ve started my Grad Studies and the venue is nearby.  Here’s me with my deli lunch from Urban Fare.   I thought I should go healthy today.  Healthy body, healthy mind.  Right?  Quinoa in sushi?  I had to give it a go.


The Quinoa California Roll was pretty blah as far as sushi goes.  I had no idea where the quinoa was.  I was looking for it the whole time.  I noticed the rice was kind of mushy.  Maybe that was because of the quinoa?  There were tons of sesame seeds.   I had a heck of a time ripping open my soy sauce packet (but that’s a pet peeve for another day).  This was okay sushi for what it was:  pre-packaged and not so fresh; but pretty filling.  The packaging was nice.  Rating:  3.5/6 

By the way, I paid $5 for a container of fresh fruit for brekkie. Yikes!

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