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Pink Gelato again? 

Well, here we are at another gelato shop and the girls are choosing yet again, pink ice cream.  Bib chose the Bubble Gum flavour at La Casa to compare against the one we had at Amato Gelato (Mario’s). 
I think it looks about the same.  Don’t you agree?


Directly inside the doors of La Casa are ice cream cakes and other cold confections for purchase.


La Casa rocks for sheer volume of gelato.  There are scores of flavours and the place is packed with people sampling the different flavours.  There are some wacky ones indeed.  I saw “Basil Pernod” and a smorgasbord of International flavours like Durian, Rambutan, Chocolate Cookie Dough, Pistachio, Cassata and Chocolate Jack Daniels. 

I don't know about you, but flavours such as wasabi and curry, chocolate chili, balsamic vinegar, roasted garlic, pear and gorgonzola...I don't know.  Kind of novel, but not exactly something I personally would like to try.  I haven't seen too many people actually go beyond the taste-test to order a full scoop of these weird ones.  Calories for me are hard-earned and I'm not gonna waste it on wasabi ice cream.



After you purchase your gelato, you order it at the counter from the staff…who run about at the beck and call of patrons who request little samplings of the various flavours.  You give them your token and get your gelato…and then you have to walk outside to eat it.  There are no seats inside to eat your dessert.  Walk across the street next to the parking lot.  There is a lovely little garden there with flowering plants and lots of bench seating.


Stracciatella.  My choice.  I enjoyed it.  There are bits of dark chocolate chunks in the gelato.


Chocolate Cookie Dough:  Chocolate ice cream with chunks of cookie dough.  Bebe enjoyed her choice.  She avoided re-ordering pink gelato again since she overdosed on the Bubble gum gelato at Amato last time.

Located on Venables, in the Strathcona area (my old stomping grounds in high school!), La Casa is a huge pink building situated on a corner.  Parking is on the street and in a lot across the street.  The garden eating area is lovely in the summer when the flowers are in bloom.  I found the prices higher than Amato and I didn't think that having more variety with the hundreds of flavours was necessarily better.  Not all the flavours are that yummy.  And it takes all that much more time to choose a flavour.  It certainly is busy and kid-friendly of course.   It's a definite destination on a hot summer evening.

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