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Chicken, Bacon and Feta on Organic Greens with Raspberry vinaigrette.

The greens were fresh and lightly dressed.  The chicken tender and the flavour combination worked. 

This is our second visit to Cottage Bistro, located on Main Street.  The first time we came, it was to listen to Bebe perform on the restaurant's stage.  The bistro is dark inside and when you walk in you will imediately see in the corner near the front door there is a permanent musical setup with microphone, keyboard, drums etc. for live music.  In general, live jazz for local musicians and talent is showcased.

On our first visit, Bebe played a piece on the keyboard that she had been learning at her music studio.  It was a jazzy piece and appropriate for the venue and we were happy she was exposed to this kind of scene.  While there, patrons order appies and drinks generally while they listen to the live music; or they stick around and eat a full meal.  The menu highlights plenty of tapas-type dishes and also serves regular-sized entrees too. While listening to her play, we ordered garlic bread and fries with drinks.  We didn't intend to stay too long.

On this second visit, we decided to come at lunch time on the weekend.  We arrived at 11a.m. and it was quiet except for a lone man reading and eating at a table near the window.  The friendly waitress was helpful and attentive.  Stomach noticed the chef in the kitchen...wearing not sweats and a t-shirt but professional white chef's jacket.  He waved as Stomach looked towards the kitchen.  There was a big screen t.v. mounted in the corner near the bar that featured the Food TV channel.

Glass mosaics of jazz instruments and other art from local artists decorated the walls.

I was pleasantly surprised about the attention to the food at a place that features live music.  The menu is HERE.  There were some things that were really interesting (prime rib, seafood,pasta and particularly appies)  that I would have liked to try for dinner, but that will be for another day.


Blueberry Pancakes and sausages.

The kids loved the pancakes. They were tender and yummy.  I snagged all the sausage! hehe!


Eggs, ham and homestyle hashbrowns with toast.

The toast we subbed in with garlic toast.  The chef obliged and actually used freshly chopped garlic! The potatoes were not greasy at all and tasted good. 

Stomach was happy when the bill came.  It was reasonable and we had had good portions.  We will have to come back again for dinner!  What a cool place!
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