Saturday 9 July 2011



Spicy Eggplant! My fave!

This spicy eggplant dish has finely minced dried shrimp and hot chili.  You need a lot of rice to go with it.  Even though I don’t like rice, I eat it with this eggplant dish.  Rating:  6/6


Free Range Chicken.

Stomach always peels off all the skin.  He says this version is "meh" because there isn't much meat.  I like all the condiments that are served the pickled veggies. Yum!  Really, it's just boiled chicken anyway you cut it.  Rating:  4.5/6


Gado Gado.

Tons of bean sprouts. Spicy peanut sauce, tofu, potato, and lettuce.   Rating:  4/6


Char Hor Fun.

Fresh Rice Noodles with Seafood and Chicken in a Silky Egg sauce.  A kiddie dish that isn’t hot at all.  Rating:  5/6 


Daulat Tuanku Special. 

Fried chicken, Kari Lembu, Jumbo sambal prawns. $15.95 with choice of rice (ginger, coconut or plain). Pretty good variety for the undecided.  Rating:   5/6


Sweet and Sour Fish.

My bad.  I ordered this thinking it would be good.  It was fried pomfret. I don’t like pomfret.  Especially frozen pomfret.  Rating:  3/6


Chi Chi for two! “Lover’s Size”.

Actually, for three.  Me and the girls.   I love my daughters.  We like our fruity drinks.  Pineapple juice and coconut.   Pink.  Fun!   Rating:  6/6

Tropika is a chain of restaurants.  This location is hopping busy on weekends.  It’s kid-friendly and the food is consistently good and delivered to your table quickly!  Service is prompt (waiters swoop down to refill water glasses) and friendly. 

Parking is along Cambie and the side streets.

Tropika on Cambie 星馬印 on Urbanspoon

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