Sunday, 31 July 2011



Deep fried calamari tentacles.  Just the tentacles, as advertised.  Rating:  6/6


Deep fried chicken wings and fries.  Rating:  6/6

Piping hot, freshly fried wings for a snack.  Way better than fast food chicken nuggets if you ask me.


Pad Thai.  A rather mild tasting version of the Thai rice noodle dish.  I would have like more heat and more sweet too.    Rating:  4.5/6


This Thai noodle dish is a new item that I haven't ordered before. Generally, I like most of the fried rice dishes, the baked pork chop and other baked rice dishes, the fried rice noodles with beef; but I have been noticing that the meats and veg that go with the Singapore fried rice vermicelli and a bunch of the other noodle dishes are pretty much the same:  ham, egg, shrimp, beanspouts, peppers and onion.  I don’t mind the combination, but would like the flavour of the sauce to be amped up in this particular dish.

Hot Milk Tea.  I take mine with Splenda.   It’s a strong tea.  Rating:  6/6


Mango slush.  Rating:  6/6

The kids loved this fruity icy drink. 

We had a successful afternoon snack.
Though this is my first post on Cafe Gloucester, I must admit that we are regulars here and the waitresses recognize my kids.  The waitresses are very friendly and personable; the food is prompt and consistent and the restaurant is generally packed most afternoons and especially weekends.  We always come for the early bird specials because the dishes are smaller (read:  cheaper) and come with complimentary drinks.

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