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Stirfried Noodles with Pork.  4/6

I must admit, I was dragged kicking and screaming to this restaurant.  I took one look at the name and wanted to run the opposite direction.  Stomach had been here with the kids on a previous occasion and they had those deep fried chicken nuggets and bubble tea. 

He said it was decently good.  I had other perceptions. 

I mean really…  Beefy Beef Noodle? 

The name is boring.  Royally.  It’s akin to my students writing at the top of their essays, “Essay”.  Or “English Essay”. duh.  how creative. This made me wonder how creative the owner possibly could be with the food.

Lychee juice with bubbles:  6/6  You cannot go wrong with bubbles generally.  Unless they’re hard and not cooked properly.  This restaurant seems to do drinks well.


I had a sore throat and this infusion of Longan and fresh ginger was just the antidote.  It was so good that I went out and bought the ingredients and tried to replicate it at home.  By the way, it’s easy.  Unfortunately, after replicating it, I realized how much sugar syrup they had probably put in the tea in order for it to taste so good.  6/6


Taiwanese Cabbage.  Boiled.  With oyster sauce drizzle and some chunks of pork perched atop.  meh.  very meh.  3.5/6 


Green Onion Pancake.  Not as crispy layered as we would have liked.  3.5/6


Taiwanese Oyster pancake.  Am I not getting the love for Oyster Pancake?  I’ve tried several versions and they’re all quite slimy and gelatinous.  This one was further embarrassed with a huge gloppy sweet and sour sauce that pretty much drowned the whole pancake.  I have yet to eat a version that is good.  Someone please help.  Or tell me that this is the way it’s supposed to taste?  Because if it’s like Stinky Tofu, then I can stop trying.   1/6


Taiwanese Beef Roll.  I always like the combination of flavours in a beef roll.  This one was quite good.  5/6
I looked over at other diners’ tables and saw that they had ordered way better food than what we had on our table.  It just sucks when that happens.  There were some hotpots and combo plates that looked good.  I don’t know if I want to give it another chance soon, but come winter and a sore throat, I’ll be here nursing another Longan and Ginger Tea for sure.  The drinks are good. 

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