Sunday 30 January 2011


Dan dan noodles with Meat Sauce.  Rating:  6/6

This is one of my favourite versions of dan dan noodles.  I am no vegetarian and always ask for the deluxe with meat sauce.  The noodles are smooth and have good bounce.  Good bounce? maybe that’s not what I mean, but it’s not exactly “bite”.  They are not al dente, yet still a little springy.

Shanghai soup noodles.  Rating:  4/6
This wasn’t really appetizing looking to me though the kiddies ate this soup noodle.  I think we all agreed that the best way to eat Shanghai noodles is stir-fried; not in soup.

Xiao Long Bau (Little Steamed Pork Dumplings) here are really good.  Some larger tables in the restaurant order 2 or 3 steamers of these.  The skins are thin but remain strong enough to hold in the soup until you can pop them into your mouth.  Lovely broth.  Porky-good filling.

Stir Fried Shanghai Noodles.  Rating:  6/6

Excellent wok fire.  Great texture to the noodles.  There are tender pieces of pork and the veg of choice here is baby spinach.   My kids love this dish. 

Lin’s is a good deal (Shanghai food always is because it’s carb-heavy).  The restaurant’s atmosphere is nice; dishes show a little wear and tear in that they’re chipped or banged up but you can see they at one time were very pretty and emerald green.  The restaurant is frequented by regulars and can get pretty busy at lunch time on the weekends.  Service is efficient but can get spotty when it’s busy.

There’s a bus stop out front and you can miss it easily if you’re not paying attention driving by.  There’s parking along W. Broadway (metered).

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