Monday 10 December 2007


the last one left! i snatched it up as quick as a blink!

I couldn't make it to the grand opening of the new Williams-Sonoma last Saturday, which is just as well maybe because of all the crowds. However, I did make a trip there a couple of days ago. I was looking for something for a Christmas gift and of course, I was looking for gadgets and bakeware for myself (my philosophy is to always buy myself a Christmas gift because I know what I want!)

It was still pretty busy on a Sunday afternoon and I had a decent parking spot only a block away (easier to carry huge purchases! ahem) and so I was bent on not wasting that prime parking spot: I had to buy something or my parking karma would be lost!

What caught my eye first was a tin of snowflake cutters. It was the last tin left and I grabbed it quickly because this would make really cool Christmas cookies for my Christmas Boxes.

the snowflake cutters have mini cutters to make intricate patterns in the cookie dough

Next, I noticed the Gold Nordicware pans. The cakes are supposed to release easily from the pans. This pan is quite heavy...not what I'm used to. It looks as durable as well as adorable. The petits fours are in flower shapes!

how cool is this cakepan, eh? it looks good enough to display!

fortunately, there's a recipe on the back! that's always nice to have...

Of course, I had to buy an astronomically expensive chocolate grater. It was so pretty! Besides, it'll get good use as I make a lot of chocolate things...(here I am justifying the hefty price tag). Well, the petits four pan was expensive too. The cookie cutters were not so bad. I'll just try to use these items more so I can validate their purchase. Yeah. That's right. Kind of like amortization, isn't it?

2903 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC
(778) 330-2581

You can check out their catalogue here

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