Thursday, 2 August 2007


I have it from an informed source that those black tapioca pearls the size of little marbles are carcinogenic. My friend's husband is an importer of Asian foodstuffs and goods. He says that these "pearls" or "bubbles" as they're called have not passed our Canadian food and inspection agencies. I personally think they're a choking hazard for kids, but I didn't realize their carcinogenic nature until I was told so by my friend.

That being said, like the carcinogenic Oyster Sauce and the other carcinogens that are ubiquitous in the diet of Asians, I believe it is still possible to ingest these death-balls on rare occasions. I think the idea my friend tried to impress upon me was that you definitely don't want to be drinking these bubbles on a daily basis like some people drink Starbucks coffees. As well, knowing that these tapioca pearls are carcinogenic makes you think twice about giving them too often to your kids to drink. I believe that tapioca by nature isn't carcinogenic...but it's the preservatives that are used in these particular pearls' production.

So, if you still want to drink these death-bubbles, I have THE BEST BUBBLE TEA place for you: it's DRAGON BALL on King Ed and Oak in the West side. Some people drive from all over just to come and drink their bubble teas. They have fresh fruit purees, and the best bubbles ever. You can have a mix of bubbles and "jelly" (conjac jelly) too or any variation you can think of with or without ice or slush, with or without milk etc. if you're so inclined. If you want to play it safe you can still order a fruit slushy or tea without the bubbles and it's just as delicious.


RESTAURANT: Dragon Ball Tea House

ADDRESS: 1007 W. King Edward, Vancouver

PHONE:(604) 738-3198

PARKING: street; or in the parking lot in the alley west of Oak

COUPONS: frequent buyer cards (collect stamps)

FOOD: 12/12





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